Tree Care Unlimited - Free Estimates

Careful Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, & Tree Fertilization

Prevent damage caused by trees falling when you hire Tree Care Unlimited of Jacksonville, Florida, for tree removal and stump grinding. In addition, our fertilization brings your dying trees back to life.

Removal & Trimming

Your free estimate includes a tree inspection, advice, and scheduling a time for service. We use a chip truck or tie ropes to the tree to guide it down safely. Our experienced tree climbers operate a crane to cut the tree in parts. Each part is lowered slowly to ensure there is no damage to your property or surroundings area. Proper trimming of trees enables them to withstand storms and enhances the view of your home.
Cutting Down Trees - Tree Removal


Tree Care Unlimited delivers seasoned firewood by the half quart for $120 plus the delivery charge or full quart for $230 plus the delivery charge. Delivery is only available for local Duval and Clay county customers.

Eliminating Stumps

We use a portable machine that fits through any gate less than 36 inches to tackle small or large stumps. The grinder chews up and removes the stump below the surface. This particular area will look like a tree was never there. Also, the end result allows for installing sod.

Bush Hogging

An attachment for our Bobcat® allows us to mow down thick, overgrown bushes and cut up to six inches of underbrush. It creates mulch, so people can walk on it again.  

Reinforcing Tree Growth

For sick trees, our deep root fertilization process involves drilling holes around the tree's drip line, placing fertilizer in every other hole, and irrigating the roots. This nourishes and hydrates the roots at the same time.

Contact us today at (866) 916-5882 for safe tree removal or stump grinding, as well as nourishing tree fertilization for sick trees.